Friday, December 6, 2013

A Lot Simpler......

Complicated are people and relationships. Have been there in the mesh winding myself in and out, wishing things could be a lot simpler. Wish I could lie lesser, speaking the truth, not hurting anyone’s feelings. That is difficult, as you can’t take it putting the dear ones to worry. The best and rational decisions are been questioned, and taken the wrong way. You are blamed for acting insensitive and selfish. Is it deliberately that your feelings are being over stepped, as though you have a stone heart. Or it is an oversight, if that makes you feel better. I like being strong, practical and positive, but that is not turning me to a rude person. 

The last year was a rough one with quite a few – with family and friends. Staying back in the US picking my career against my sister’s wedding – I am sure to have hurt many. But to my surprise, at the hour of being let down – my little sister was there for my support. I felt a lot proud to see her grow into sensible and poised individual. I never thought she can be there, as I have seen more of her vulnerable side before. The word-war with a close friend of mine, which resulted into a sick conversation and almost tore us apart. It just started on me being busy and not contacting her for long. It poked me when she blamed me for being selfish and work struck followed by the famous fight. I wished if she could understand, that I could not make it genuinely rather fishing for reasons and explanations.
How easy it would be to feel happy for the moment we have rather than rant around the missed past. I have seen some great individuals in life, who take life much simpler. You may say your views plain without polishing them. The word “No” is the most cursed I believe. As far as you cause no damages to people and property, a No for an answer is no harm. It is not the denial, but a humble view which demands respect and recognition. There was a time even I could not stand people being blunt and straight. Guess the growing up helped out, now as I can think through their reasons and be less painful.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Good-Bye Friend

It was you who found me
And string along me this far
You don’t get to walk away
Without giving me a chance to say
I am trying harder here to
Save the place for my friend
You are my best friend here
I am unsure if you know of that

I know it was vague and distinct
The way things have rolled
I take the lead of this play
Blame me for it all the day
But I don’t give up dear
And miss you for the lifetime
I am the best thing you have
Believe me or be blind

I find the best of words
When it turns blue and dark
Not wanting another prose
Which pulls me to the worse
I have no hope of light and shine
If I have you nowhere near
I need you here with me
To share all I have to sing

May be we are rare and the odd
And never gonna be the right
What we have is more beautiful
Than what world leads you to
I stand here and my armor down
Looking up to you for a sign
Never prove me what we had
Was not more than a little tale

All I want is to kiss you good-bye
And cuddle you with my lady luck
Let us wish each other the best of times
And shower hopes to cross again
Make me feel ready for this
Keeping my best bud so far away
So I know I’ve not lost the name
Of the sweetest one I ever knew

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Unusual and Unexpected!

This post is about that one person, a friend of mine since school. Before that would like to mention that school was not my favorite place anytime and I don’t have any ever lasting memories or people to cling on to there. I always wanted my school tenure to end and just walk out to a college. College was always fun, and I made lot of friends since then. Not drifting from the focal area here, back to the person – let me call her A. A and I have known each out for a while now – we did schooling together and little more than the school too. A is a nice person, by nature and I know that she has a very adorable and lovable personality. She takes good care of friends and make them feel wanted. She had been in and out of my life at different stages around different reasons.
She is that friend, who always worries a lot about your problem than hers. The one who has the quick fix or solution for the issues and the one who would stay with you around storms and hales. Don’t think I am too cruel here, coz I have my reasons. There is a big downside here – as she walks you through the wildest and crazy path which tangles up the whole situation and you basically screw up everything. She would over shadow your common-sense, which leads to idiotic decision making. At that hour you think that she is the best being there for you, but when you stand out and think loud– you realize what a damn thing just happened. I am sure that she does none of them intentionally, but that is how it turns out.
We did couple of events together, where things so happened that she did not turn out to be at the bright side due to various reasons. The situation was made far dramatic than required and I really felt guilty over the whole thing. This feeling really covered up the efforts I made, and the good words I had received. Then came the teenage times, flocking together with many friends.  We were together again, a phase filled with liveliness which I thoroughly enjoyed. Again here, I don’t see me affected but have seen other friends go through a lot of crap. The love-relationships, wrong choices, un-wanted arrogance with another friend S, and the famous support from A. I have seen wrong things happen, emotional parents and again the worst of troubles. Even A had her own love-affair, which was quite a roller coaster, where she linked me in and out for undue reasons. Handling people who have nothing to do with you is quite a pain.
I stepped into professional college, making new friends. I liked the engineering times, it did change me quite a bit – taking the baby steps into the mature life style. I was doing good there until A busted in one fine day. I was excited and happy to see her again, as it had been years since we parted. She had different stories to speak then, different people and I was quite surprised. She had me meet her new folks, and it was a bit uneasy to cop up with the new changes. I am not claiming that I was great as child to my parents, as I had been quite arrogant and rebellious way back. But I never lied nor did hide anything from them, more over never went the wrong path. A may have found my life less exciting until she rolled in the worst puzzle into my life. She started speaking to my best friend K and put both of us into the most uncomfortable situations. I took it hard, and it was quite a while I spent to get out of the mess. K being the best of my friends, did stand through the whole situation supporting me. But the whole thing was quite dangerous. I did try to unwind the whole event, at some point, could discover the mess A planted there. I was really done with A, and never wanted to have her back into my space.
Our paths barely crossed after that, we connected via the social networking sites but never the real contacting happened. Later heard that she got married and is settled with family. Recently did get an opportunity to chat with her for a while. All those old incidents brushed through me – there was no anger now.  I am not sure if A can make-out its about her anytime reading the post as she barely understands what she gets into. Moreover as I said, you are a person with good heart, just that I choose to be careful with that!

Friday, November 1, 2013


I wish every morning it’s a pretty day
And  it rains to bring us joy
I wish I get to smile all day
And make you smile my way
I wish us not to hear any bad
And worry less over the sad
I wish to enjoy it bright and green
And hope you too find it serene
I wish to paint beautiful pictures
And work on your undone fixtures
I wish to hold hands with you
And walk against the salient  breeze
I wish to be there for you
When you are filled with dismay
I wish to cuddle you with love
To make you feel hopeful again
I wish to be that last one dream
Who you see the days you stay

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Crossing Borders

Never thought that there will be typical differences in switching places. To be precise – East Coast to Mid-West. I always had this concept that, may it be any place you dwell in The US, things are pretty much the same. There are no bigger nuances like picking up a different language and culture as we have in India. There are subtle, still vivid differences in how things flow. I am used to the East ways as I had been stuck there all the time I was in US and dealt mostly with people who are of the same origin.

People are very soft and warm hearted. Not that folks from east are rude – I would explain it as the importance falls a bit more on the matter of business and the gestures are taken for granted. Initially I used to unknowingly give confusing looks, when people act too dear and welcoming. Though not too obvious, I am positive that they will never fail to pick it up from my expression. I am past that phase now, and more adapted to this style and it feels good. I have had folks ask me, you shifted from the east? – with a bigger “question mark” expression on theirs. May be I am expected to behave unfriendly!

If my iPhone plays loud and if it is a rap music, I get those ugly stares. Listening to rap is no sin, it is just another genre. I remember my husband say this that folks this side do not prefer rap and loud music. Most of the public stick to classics and country music. I am careful these days to tone down the volume in public places, to avoid embarrassments.

Work place attire – I am very particular with this one. May be I picked it up from my better half. Always try my best efforts to be the best dressed ones at my work place. Strict business formals and accessories and feel is nice. The first day at my work place here, I could count in my fingers the folks who were in formals. I remember spending a quality time in the morning, picking the apt clothing and brushing my shoe. Finally landed up looking like one of those snobby board members who walk into the place once a blue moon. It was a little odd in the beginning but have fit myself into a place where I am not the one to be picked odd out of the group.

There are many more such things you would notice. But they are too silly to haunt and trouble you J

Monday, September 30, 2013

Sister Love

This is a something I was tempted to write in many a time. It never went into completion because of numerous reasons. May be I always thought, it was too obvious to be explained or exaggerated. This is about the two of us, me and my sister. Being young I was too excited to have a little sibling, as I always loved to play the eldest. She was a cute little bundle as a kid, and she blindly followed me on whatever I was. She looked different from me, she was very fair skinned, and more cute. My mom used to get the same dress stitched for both of us, and it was never difficult for anyone to spot that we were sisters. I somehow hated that, as it was too obvious. The little one always was with me, which at some point of age was annoying as you flock with friends of your age. I have done a lot of stupid fights around the same. But when we grew old, at some point we used to make good friends with each other.

We shared the same room, painted pink with all the fancy furniture and walls covered with posters and cards of our favorite celebrities. Still remember all that we did together – collecting chocolates and relishing them at those special moments, playing doll house with all those toys we could gather, enacting ourselves into characters, buying sweet little stupid things out of our pocket money. She always used to be the planner, giving surprises on birthdays, anniversaries, mother’s day or may be father’s day. I always tagged along with her as I was worse with even remembering dates. As normal siblings, we used to have our own famous pillow fights and arguments. But they were short lived, as we meshed back up much before anyone could talk peace to us. I was always excited to share all the daily events with her – funny stuff, the boys talk, and the rest of the interesting college chores. She was the one, I used to tell anything and everything. We used to have our own secrets. Both of us enjoyed the same music, movies and favorites. She used to be a darling supporting and taking my side always during situations. I knew she counted me as a great sister, boasting around that to her friends making me feel secretly proud. She was the one who appreciated me for the very little thing I have done, building my confidence which nurtured to a great extend to build my personality.

After I moved out of home for work, followed by my marriage – the most of what is missed is her company. We spoke less, and ever lesser as days passed by. I was the ambitious one, where as she was little laid back. I grew much worried over her studies and future most of which was displayed with all the forcing and frustration. Most of our conversation used to land up in fights, where I accuse her of not paying much time for studies and her getting frustrated out of my advises. I was never great at expressing myself and being very appreciative. I could never digest the fact of my sister falling any less than anyone I knew of. There were times, when we would not talk for days and I will inquire with my mother about how she did. She did go through some rough patch, where I could not help much. Those were just some scale of time with both of us, being arrogant and less legible.

Time rolls so quick like the 2 hour movie, and it’s the new scene now. She is all grown up, married and a much responsible individual. It is a special feeling, dealing with the total different side of the person, who you are close to. She is clever, witty and a very adorable person. She genuinely cares, and is very dependable. We speak very often, around the jobs, household, parents and whining about our better halves – in fact we are enjoying the mature phase. At times I feel, she has scaled up to be more responsible and mature than I have. She keep gifting me one or the other, reminding me once again the likes and dislikes we shared. Love her cute gestures and miss her dearly. Though she is far, feel she is just a hug away . I may not have said this even once, I am very proud of you Rinku…Thanks for being a wonderful sister!!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cooking Expeditions

Ask any girl on what her favorite pass time is, I bet 9 out of 10 are going to stick to “Cooking” – “I like to experiment, new dishes and cuisines”. At least being into the ‘married population’, I believe people anticipate me to declare cooking as my hobby. But it is not true, I have my reasons for saying this. 

My mom is a very good cook, she conducts cookery shows and classes. So supposed to have a pretty decent hand on it. It is not passed to me, but may be my sister. I get to hear that she puts a lot of interest around cooking good food and feeding people. Never remember one such incident unless for utmost urgency spending time in kitchen, as I grew up. I used to love what my mother cooked and never thought that I should compete with her ;-). I have friends who own their cookery blogs, and fill them up regularly. It is my dream to open a contemporary restaurant, not that I will be experimenting my skills. Can always hire a good team to cook.

My cooking venture started as it got close to my marriage. It was a matter of survival and wanted to learn those dishes which my hubby liked. So learned the delicacies from the most authentic sources. I had minimal requisites that whatever I cook should turn out tasty, and he should feel at least close to what he would have relished once upon a time. I follow my own formula and measurements for what I make. Never the slave of those cookery books and journals. Even when I have to cook something authentic and special, I pay little attention to my mother’s advice.  The ingredients are picked and mixed at my ease and convenience. 

Apart from the facts, I am an awesome cook J, this is a comment out of public opinion. Have heard my husband say this many a time – “She cooks great, provided she does”. It is basically the laziness and the lack of interest. Enjoy cooking when there is a considerable audience to consume. Looks like I too inherit the talent, but still not ready to accept it. I prefer to stay sober and eat, rather than oil in efforts cooking!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Little Things

A few that can put a smile on me. I am a person of little things!...

 - Get crazy drenched in the rain, dripping wet and probably jumping around like kids. One of the best feelings ever.
- Red Roses, they make me feel special and important. I would say the best gift I value anytime.
- A train voyage though not comforting as flying, excites me a lot. Enjoying the scenic spots, curdling inside the blanket holding a book and a bottle of water. I can sacrifice multiple meals.
- Dairy Milk –The very thought about the chocolate, my eyes sparkle. Sure that I would make a good brand ambassador for the product. Relish every minute I spend eating. 
- A random surprise, I react the best to it!!!
- Tinker Bell, in any form – movie or a goodie with Tinkerbell theme. Love her costumes and wings, wish to fly like her someday.
- Sipping the last drop of wine from my glass. Wine is the magic that brings to light the ‘happy me’.
- Dancing wild with friends, like world ends tomorrow.
- Watching Dirty Dancing movie over and over again.
- A descent color painted well on my nails. I keep checking them out too often for people to doubt I am insane.
- When people praise my eyes being striking with all the décor I toil in, brings a glee to the inner self feeling proud.
- When a harmless handsome chap, takes a second look at me pass by with a smile – I gift one back too.
- Favorite Kerala foodie, specially some delicacies, smile is just one of the emotions at the hour.
- Blessed be the one, who buys me pop-corn for movies. The ill-fat or content is totally worth every second of the movie.
- Going through the oldie (though embarrassing) childhood pictures. The feeling is very nostalgic.
- Hear my favorite sound track played loud, sets my feet in motion and head to swing!
- A drive myself without scaring people who drive along. My history with driving is strange.
- Popping out though the moon roof of the car, and hailing the wind. Make sure to do it on every road trip we make.
- Nesting close to my better half in the couch lazy, watching old Malayalam comedy movies probably the nth time.
- A good night kiss, I am sure to smile for that even though I am half sleepy. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

Can of Emotions

I am still not able to rate or range my reach towards emotions. It is not that I am a blunt, cold and a cranky one. With my best of interest, always make sure that I never land up hurting anyone. There are fall-outs here and there, but they sure are un-intentional.
Worked as a team lead of a fairly good team with my previous company. It was a tough press with a lot of challenging work, stress-cramped environment and conflicting personalities. Things were almost on the fire line every hour of the day and incident that fuels the anger, pricking my nerves tempting me to yell and let it out. Have stayed composed most of the times, while I keep counting from 1 to 10. Not sure who put this in my brains that it helps to tone down yourself counting numbers. Not supporting the theory but am positive that it aids to divert from the trigger.

 There were times, when I have got stuck with the worst of problems. A word war or even fights with the dearest, the most wanted things slip and you stay helpless watching them, loss of people and even relations, those panic attacks. I stay stiff and stony, consoling myself that it happened and I will be able to handle them. I guess this grew in me with the age. I stay aloof and quiet for a while, until I assure myself past the phase. Hate it displaying my emotions and playing weak, and craving for the consoling. I respect providing space to a person during hard hours, rather join them mourning and make them feel more miserable.

 Many a time, have had my mother mention that ‘You will understand when you have a kid and you are at my position’. I have seriously thought about it – growing old and having a kid and things laying up the same way. I am sure that the way I would act then, will be close to what I think now.

 The maximum of emotions I spend is through the writing. It helps me flush off the unhandled and the disturbing facts. You write with a rage, and it helps you boil down the madness. The most important being the one source which does not speak back J.

Friday, July 12, 2013

New Phase

It had been a thought always, but finally happened. Quitting from my first company – Infosys. It was a biggie, leaving the familiar places and the people. The new one I took up, far from the boundaries I have known so far – St. Paul in Minnesota. Central America – an hour behind the timing I am used to. It’s quite a change, and still trying to fit myself in. The bare time I get is immense, trying to figure out what to do. I was running short of time for everything in Charlotte. Missing everything I knew off. Sambhu, home, friends, the streets, the fun and all that is possible. I have started bugging people, calling em up and forcing them to speak. Messaging service in my phone is kicking its heights of performance. Trying to substitute the solitude with the virtual media. Not a winner thou.

I guess the city awaits me to explore it. Roam around and find the places. I want to be the leader, by the time my friends visit in. This is a quaint one, and may turn out interesting. The weather pleases me, it’s same as Charlotte. Work place is nice, good folks around and a peaceful environment. Still working around the induction kid and documents. No work to do irritates me, but feel I should take it slow. It is not the old race, where you forget if its day light or dusk. I may like the whole thing, but still need to run back home. I have a whole story going in there!!!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Slow Down!

Confused, mumbled and absent minded!!! I fit into these titles at times. Not that I am a dumb person, believe that I am a fairly intelligent woman, who is aggressive and crowd catching. Guess I get it from my mother, used to love her for what she is.
Though you know you are there, have it in you n just have to speak up, but feel like slowing down. I see people racing, trying to stamp on one others. It's difficult to sort out how you reach there and who you end up hurting. I had been there many a time and done all of those. Taking a short pause and looking back and you find them futile. Appreciate if things can be taken a bit slow.

This is just momentary and may be coz i am running a dull day. Solitary moments and slow songs ticks up the "different me" and I end up thinking much. Now that is enough for a Thursday eve 😊!!!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wesley Blues

I am super excited with the housie thing. Bought a new house in Charlotte. Both the better n the best halves boiling a good part of our times with the new home décor. It’s all fun to see new furniture arrive and walls getting some color and life. The patio, yard and the wide whole place, I feel like a kid in the Barbie town. As people hear call it – “Welcome to the home owners club”.  This is the happy side of the story.

Now it is again time to bid good-bye. It may sound strange, as I even connect a lot to the places I dwell. Leaving the “Wesley Village”, the apartments– it did ache. The past 5 years, I have stayed at multiple places, and this strange feeling always come along. Things are a little different with the latest. This is the place which I have set up the whole house all myself. Started living alone – I mean, away from all familiar faces and friends. That was a bold move, as you practically land up staying in a place where you have no one to interact with. Had friends advise me out of the choice, with all possible reasons. But since it was the very me… was all that I decided which did matter at that time. I am lucky to have lovely folks around every time, who take good care of me. I was not being difficult, may be needed a break from the whole pampering!!

Shifted to the new place and did set up the place. First couple of days, was a bit odd, as there was no one who I can speak with. Most of the talking part was via call, to my hubby and friends.  Gradually, I could figure out that I had plenty of time to play with. Started watching movies, serials (my gateway to Grey’s Anatomy), books. Quality time for self pampering – the new colors to the nails, a self facial, trying out different attire combos and many. I was too lazy to cook just for myself, but could do some creative cooking if there were folks to relish them. A dear friend who stayed close, who used to be my guide to the new apartment and was the sole source of company.  – I have tortured him enough with my whining and cooking adventure.  He is a wonderful friend, and probably “Wesley Village” is one of the reasons which brought us close.

I used do circles around the apartment complex, while I am on call with my hubby, mom or even offshore. The pool was awesome..have tried swimming with my little skills. The club house is very live and active –The random wine tasting events n much more fun stuff. There was a park close by, and I used to go walking at times. Most often, used to lose my way and roam around. Could see a bunch of pretty houses and it used to feel like a French colony. When it used to rain with lightning and thunderstorms, I used to hold on to the pillow with my eyes tightly closed. All the little bit of me studying, was being witnessed there!!!... There were moments of fun, joy and loneliness, all of which I still cherish.

As everyone say, change is positive and is for the good. It’s true as I relish every minute I spend in my house. There are often slices that are left behind which pricks your memory, scrolling back a few pages. They are unique and memorable!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fly Emirates

The last India trip by itself is a longer story. Right from my sleeping pattern to running around and paying visits to all who have almost forgotten my face. The schedule was fantastic that I crossed the same district some multiple times for different reasons. Visa and the stamping, worst of all and had me hop between states. Not to be totally unfair, had a wonderful time catching up with my dear ones. Towards the close of my vacation I was all tired, wished to get “another vacation” to ease off my India vacation.

Finally my usual spot, the airport. Boarded from Trivandrum international airport. I was flying with Emirates (Trivandrum – Dubai- Dallas - Charlotte). I am quite a talented one for my running/sliding adventures which happen for every visit to the airport. This time being way very early for the flight, realized how boring airports can be. Though the concept of “queue” was supposed to be practiced, everyone seemed to be in a hurry. Pushing one another and drifting – all this is not required – “Boss we all are going in the same airbus and it will not move an inch unless each one of us make it to our seats”. At the security check-in, things looked to be a little different. One line/queue  was getting split into 2-3. I was not sure, which side I had to move and was confused with the logic of partition. I moved to the line one and started loading my stuffs to the conveyor belt. A security guy stepped towards me and told – “Madam not this one – the other lane”. He took my things and I had to follow him. I was still trying to find out what is different in there.

Checked in, and started roaming around the lounge. The bookstall on which I had my hopes on was not open yet. Ate some samosas from the cafeteria. I usually plunder all shops in the airport while in any transit. I could see some antique and souvenir shops open at that time, which were abandoned with no visitors. Wanted to check on what was exclusive there and approached one. The guy there, was all excited to see me. I don’t blame him as he would have placed his sole hopes in me buying something from there. He started explaining me about the heritage of Kerala and the famous places. He also mentioned that Padmanabha Swamy temple is the one I should not miss to visit. Wanted to yell at him – “Dude, I am a Keralite n I look like one. All my 23 years of my life was spent in this very city and the temple you just mentioned is like 5kms from my house. I had been much before I could walk on my own”.  Just did not say anything as I will land up doing nothing but embarrass him. Started talking to him in Malayalam and had a quality chat for some 20mts. I was more than desperate to kill time.

It was time and boarded the flight after one last call to say bye to my parents. The feeling was strange,  in fact missed the place a lot. The transition which comes to one’s life is always at the cost of missing the most dearest. This was a routine feeling every time and to get over with it  started watching some random movie. All through the voyage could not catch a single minute of sleep. Watched bits and parts of most of the movies. Reached Dubai in next 4 hours. Seriously admit the fact that Dubai has one of the biggest airports ever.  So big and huge and whatever, now I have another big queue for the security check. Placed all my cabin bags in the trolley and moved along with the mob. Started feeling a bit chilly irrespective of all the heaters mounted in every corners. I started checking for the jacket and guess what…!  can’t find it.  It is not new that I lose things, but this time it was my favorite jacket. I couldn’t  just let it go. Planned to sprint back to the aircraft and start searching. One look back, could see a whole city population behind me and it was no more a choice.  I always try to track back events to exactly find what has happened in the past. It is like a photographic memory…. picking back scenes, pictures, dialogues.  Lol – this is no skill, everyone have it in them.  I always appreciate myself using it :-).  I could remember roaming around with the jacket – in Trivandrum airport, the queues. But don’t remember it when I at the souvenir shop. I could trace it – lost it at the security check. It was the security officer, he missed to pick my jacket when he moved queues for me.

“What now” was the question. I did all that which is a routine during the panic hours. Called up my spouse and whined, he told me to forget about it as we can get the same thing again. He was asking me to get another jacket from the airport and get back home sooner!!!.. That was comforting but I was still stuck with the very thing. Called up home back in India and filled up my parents with the story. My mom called up the airport and confirmed that they have the “commodity” under their custody. I gave my mother all the details I could think about the jacket– its make, company, color, style. Finally my mind was clear as someone tracked it down and I would get it back someday.

I had a longer transit gap between Dubai and Dallas. During the wait time, bought some book and not_so_useful_things! As it got late and dark, it went crazy cold. I had to find an alternative for jacket. Searched around the concourse for a while and could finally find a shop which was selling caps and jerkins. All the jerkins were flashy and the only one which could get close to me was a black hooded-jerkin. It was a plain one, with a stitch – “Fly Emirates”. Not much to think, I took it and that was my comfort the way back. Got back to Charlotte safe!

I started using the jerkin, once a while. I could not just leave it as, it was my only help throughout the whole journey.  Every other person who see me in the outfit has a question or rather make fun of me, why did u get a souvenir one, you look like an airport ground staff. I get tired detailing the story. Once I went to the gym and had this jerkin on. A lady came and asked me, with all excitement – do you really work for “Emirates” wow! That was one of the best moments. I just wanted to tell “Yeah..yes I do”. I nodded her no. That time, it browsed me through all that happened during the trip. The long lasted tale among my travel freak-outs !

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Welcome 2013!!

There falls the curtain to another wonderful year with a grand applause. It was more than an eventful one. It’s a fact that every year seems special and dearly. But still think some of the most wonderful things in my life are marked with 2012 J.

Moved to a happening community and I am totally happy with the place. It’s a delight to see the city skyline from my apartment.

The travel saga between Ohio and North Carolina is put to an end. Relieved to finally settle in the same place with my spouse. The hopping and travel part had been a trouble always. I miss the airport adventures thou ;-).

My little sister got engaged, it is one of the most cherishing events of my life. Got to attend the ceremony and meet her fiancé and family. Along with the function I could manage a short vacation to the home land after 3 long years. Though it was a crazy schedule with the little days with me, I had a wonderful time catching up with family and dear ones. Spoke to my favorite friend, he was missed for long.

Got to know and hang out with a dear friend. Always used to seek for the person to whom I can stone in and I guess I have found the one.  One stop shop for all my merry times and whining J.

Taking a driver’s license and more over driving a car. I know this sounds silly, but things are bit different with me. Had been running away from the very thing all the time. The past 5 years in US never attempted to think about it. Now I have a minion with me which I drive around.

The holiday season and the Christmas Tree. Oh I loved it, this time decorated the whole thing from scratch right from buying the tree to mounting the tail star. I guess I did glow more than the whole tree!!!..

The short trip before the year ended - highlight being the gambling. Won some money which I was excited about. May be the ‘beginners luck’ but never anticipated that I have a winning hand.

Wish this year keeps all of us happy and smiling….Happy New Year..Cheers!!!