Friday, July 12, 2013

New Phase

It had been a thought always, but finally happened. Quitting from my first company – Infosys. It was a biggie, leaving the familiar places and the people. The new one I took up, far from the boundaries I have known so far – St. Paul in Minnesota. Central America – an hour behind the timing I am used to. It’s quite a change, and still trying to fit myself in. The bare time I get is immense, trying to figure out what to do. I was running short of time for everything in Charlotte. Missing everything I knew off. Sambhu, home, friends, the streets, the fun and all that is possible. I have started bugging people, calling em up and forcing them to speak. Messaging service in my phone is kicking its heights of performance. Trying to substitute the solitude with the virtual media. Not a winner thou.

I guess the city awaits me to explore it. Roam around and find the places. I want to be the leader, by the time my friends visit in. This is a quaint one, and may turn out interesting. The weather pleases me, it’s same as Charlotte. Work place is nice, good folks around and a peaceful environment. Still working around the induction kid and documents. No work to do irritates me, but feel I should take it slow. It is not the old race, where you forget if its day light or dusk. I may like the whole thing, but still need to run back home. I have a whole story going in there!!!

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