Thursday, January 17, 2013

Welcome 2013!!

There falls the curtain to another wonderful year with a grand applause. It was more than an eventful one. It’s a fact that every year seems special and dearly. But still think some of the most wonderful things in my life are marked with 2012 J.

Moved to a happening community and I am totally happy with the place. It’s a delight to see the city skyline from my apartment.

The travel saga between Ohio and North Carolina is put to an end. Relieved to finally settle in the same place with my spouse. The hopping and travel part had been a trouble always. I miss the airport adventures thou ;-).

My little sister got engaged, it is one of the most cherishing events of my life. Got to attend the ceremony and meet her fiancé and family. Along with the function I could manage a short vacation to the home land after 3 long years. Though it was a crazy schedule with the little days with me, I had a wonderful time catching up with family and dear ones. Spoke to my favorite friend, he was missed for long.

Got to know and hang out with a dear friend. Always used to seek for the person to whom I can stone in and I guess I have found the one.  One stop shop for all my merry times and whining J.

Taking a driver’s license and more over driving a car. I know this sounds silly, but things are bit different with me. Had been running away from the very thing all the time. The past 5 years in US never attempted to think about it. Now I have a minion with me which I drive around.

The holiday season and the Christmas Tree. Oh I loved it, this time decorated the whole thing from scratch right from buying the tree to mounting the tail star. I guess I did glow more than the whole tree!!!..

The short trip before the year ended - highlight being the gambling. Won some money which I was excited about. May be the ‘beginners luck’ but never anticipated that I have a winning hand.

Wish this year keeps all of us happy and smiling….Happy New Year..Cheers!!!

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