Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Crossing Borders

Never thought that there will be typical differences in switching places. To be precise – East Coast to Mid-West. I always had this concept that, may it be any place you dwell in The US, things are pretty much the same. There are no bigger nuances like picking up a different language and culture as we have in India. There are subtle, still vivid differences in how things flow. I am used to the East ways as I had been stuck there all the time I was in US and dealt mostly with people who are of the same origin.

People are very soft and warm hearted. Not that folks from east are rude – I would explain it as the importance falls a bit more on the matter of business and the gestures are taken for granted. Initially I used to unknowingly give confusing looks, when people act too dear and welcoming. Though not too obvious, I am positive that they will never fail to pick it up from my expression. I am past that phase now, and more adapted to this style and it feels good. I have had folks ask me, you shifted from the east? – with a bigger “question mark” expression on theirs. May be I am expected to behave unfriendly!

If my iPhone plays loud and if it is a rap music, I get those ugly stares. Listening to rap is no sin, it is just another genre. I remember my husband say this that folks this side do not prefer rap and loud music. Most of the public stick to classics and country music. I am careful these days to tone down the volume in public places, to avoid embarrassments.

Work place attire – I am very particular with this one. May be I picked it up from my better half. Always try my best efforts to be the best dressed ones at my work place. Strict business formals and accessories and feel is nice. The first day at my work place here, I could count in my fingers the folks who were in formals. I remember spending a quality time in the morning, picking the apt clothing and brushing my shoe. Finally landed up looking like one of those snobby board members who walk into the place once a blue moon. It was a little odd in the beginning but have fit myself into a place where I am not the one to be picked odd out of the group.

There are many more such things you would notice. But they are too silly to haunt and trouble you J

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