Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wesley Blues

I am super excited with the housie thing. Bought a new house in Charlotte. Both the better n the best halves boiling a good part of our times with the new home d├ęcor. It’s all fun to see new furniture arrive and walls getting some color and life. The patio, yard and the wide whole place, I feel like a kid in the Barbie town. As people hear call it – “Welcome to the home owners club”.  This is the happy side of the story.

Now it is again time to bid good-bye. It may sound strange, as I even connect a lot to the places I dwell. Leaving the “Wesley Village”, the apartments– it did ache. The past 5 years, I have stayed at multiple places, and this strange feeling always come along. Things are a little different with the latest. This is the place which I have set up the whole house all myself. Started living alone – I mean, away from all familiar faces and friends. That was a bold move, as you practically land up staying in a place where you have no one to interact with. Had friends advise me out of the choice, with all possible reasons. But since it was the very me… was all that I decided which did matter at that time. I am lucky to have lovely folks around every time, who take good care of me. I was not being difficult, may be needed a break from the whole pampering!!

Shifted to the new place and did set up the place. First couple of days, was a bit odd, as there was no one who I can speak with. Most of the talking part was via call, to my hubby and friends.  Gradually, I could figure out that I had plenty of time to play with. Started watching movies, serials (my gateway to Grey’s Anatomy), books. Quality time for self pampering – the new colors to the nails, a self facial, trying out different attire combos and many. I was too lazy to cook just for myself, but could do some creative cooking if there were folks to relish them. A dear friend who stayed close, who used to be my guide to the new apartment and was the sole source of company.  – I have tortured him enough with my whining and cooking adventure.  He is a wonderful friend, and probably “Wesley Village” is one of the reasons which brought us close.

I used do circles around the apartment complex, while I am on call with my hubby, mom or even offshore. The pool was awesome..have tried swimming with my little skills. The club house is very live and active –The random wine tasting events n much more fun stuff. There was a park close by, and I used to go walking at times. Most often, used to lose my way and roam around. Could see a bunch of pretty houses and it used to feel like a French colony. When it used to rain with lightning and thunderstorms, I used to hold on to the pillow with my eyes tightly closed. All the little bit of me studying, was being witnessed there!!!... There were moments of fun, joy and loneliness, all of which I still cherish.

As everyone say, change is positive and is for the good. It’s true as I relish every minute I spend in my house. There are often slices that are left behind which pricks your memory, scrolling back a few pages. They are unique and memorable!


Soumya Radhakrishnan said...

Living alone is good at times. You get to take a step back and look at yourself and do some soul-searching too :D Been there and done that while I was all alone in the UK with no husband and family around. Had to make friends and contacts from scratch and did what not. Good to see somebody else enjoyed the experience too :)

Ammose said...

@Stou - Its precious its own way :). Anyways back to the same drama again....when am i finding an end!!!...