Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Good-Bye Friend

It was you who found me
And string along me this far
You don’t get to walk away
Without giving me a chance to say
I am trying harder here to
Save the place for my friend
You are my best friend here
I am unsure if you know of that

I know it was vague and distinct
The way things have rolled
I take the lead of this play
Blame me for it all the day
But I don’t give up dear
And miss you for the lifetime
I am the best thing you have
Believe me or be blind

I find the best of words
When it turns blue and dark
Not wanting another prose
Which pulls me to the worse
I have no hope of light and shine
If I have you nowhere near
I need you here with me
To share all I have to sing

May be we are rare and the odd
And never gonna be the right
What we have is more beautiful
Than what world leads you to
I stand here and my armor down
Looking up to you for a sign
Never prove me what we had
Was not more than a little tale

All I want is to kiss you good-bye
And cuddle you with my lady luck
Let us wish each other the best of times
And shower hopes to cross again
Make me feel ready for this
Keeping my best bud so far away
So I know I’ve not lost the name
Of the sweetest one I ever knew

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Unusual and Unexpected!

This post is about that one person, a friend of mine since school. Before that would like to mention that school was not my favorite place anytime and I don’t have any ever lasting memories or people to cling on to there. I always wanted my school tenure to end and just walk out to a college. College was always fun, and I made lot of friends since then. Not drifting from the focal area here, back to the person – let me call her A. A and I have known each out for a while now – we did schooling together and little more than the school too. A is a nice person, by nature and I know that she has a very adorable and lovable personality. She takes good care of friends and make them feel wanted. She had been in and out of my life at different stages around different reasons.
She is that friend, who always worries a lot about your problem than hers. The one who has the quick fix or solution for the issues and the one who would stay with you around storms and hales. Don’t think I am too cruel here, coz I have my reasons. There is a big downside here – as she walks you through the wildest and crazy path which tangles up the whole situation and you basically screw up everything. She would over shadow your common-sense, which leads to idiotic decision making. At that hour you think that she is the best being there for you, but when you stand out and think loud– you realize what a damn thing just happened. I am sure that she does none of them intentionally, but that is how it turns out.
We did couple of events together, where things so happened that she did not turn out to be at the bright side due to various reasons. The situation was made far dramatic than required and I really felt guilty over the whole thing. This feeling really covered up the efforts I made, and the good words I had received. Then came the teenage times, flocking together with many friends.  We were together again, a phase filled with liveliness which I thoroughly enjoyed. Again here, I don’t see me affected but have seen other friends go through a lot of crap. The love-relationships, wrong choices, un-wanted arrogance with another friend S, and the famous support from A. I have seen wrong things happen, emotional parents and again the worst of troubles. Even A had her own love-affair, which was quite a roller coaster, where she linked me in and out for undue reasons. Handling people who have nothing to do with you is quite a pain.
I stepped into professional college, making new friends. I liked the engineering times, it did change me quite a bit – taking the baby steps into the mature life style. I was doing good there until A busted in one fine day. I was excited and happy to see her again, as it had been years since we parted. She had different stories to speak then, different people and I was quite surprised. She had me meet her new folks, and it was a bit uneasy to cop up with the new changes. I am not claiming that I was great as child to my parents, as I had been quite arrogant and rebellious way back. But I never lied nor did hide anything from them, more over never went the wrong path. A may have found my life less exciting until she rolled in the worst puzzle into my life. She started speaking to my best friend K and put both of us into the most uncomfortable situations. I took it hard, and it was quite a while I spent to get out of the mess. K being the best of my friends, did stand through the whole situation supporting me. But the whole thing was quite dangerous. I did try to unwind the whole event, at some point, could discover the mess A planted there. I was really done with A, and never wanted to have her back into my space.
Our paths barely crossed after that, we connected via the social networking sites but never the real contacting happened. Later heard that she got married and is settled with family. Recently did get an opportunity to chat with her for a while. All those old incidents brushed through me – there was no anger now.  I am not sure if A can make-out its about her anytime reading the post as she barely understands what she gets into. Moreover as I said, you are a person with good heart, just that I choose to be careful with that!

Friday, November 1, 2013


I wish every morning it’s a pretty day
And  it rains to bring us joy
I wish I get to smile all day
And make you smile my way
I wish us not to hear any bad
And worry less over the sad
I wish to enjoy it bright and green
And hope you too find it serene
I wish to paint beautiful pictures
And work on your undone fixtures
I wish to hold hands with you
And walk against the salient  breeze
I wish to be there for you
When you are filled with dismay
I wish to cuddle you with love
To make you feel hopeful again
I wish to be that last one dream
Who you see the days you stay