Friday, June 20, 2014


Short of words may be my breath
When it crossed through me white
I knew it all way around didn’t I
But never let my spirits row down

Thought to be a winner there
Wearing my poker face all time
Never counted the tears behind the eye
Those run down while I smiled

Felt the legs failing to bear it all
Falling to the earth to take the heat
The moment of truth, too much to hold
To hear, to hold and to pull you back

I see the cracks on the glass décor
Splitting lives and dreams all around
Unsure of which broken piece of the lot
Should I claim or own up this day

Wished it was none but forged
With my eyes and ears shut to the skies
It is there, as dark as the night shows                                       
Now can I have the best story to move on?

Monday, May 12, 2014

The Transition

Was terrified even to think about it, but couldn't push it for long. The moment is finally there, the transition takes charge – being the home maker.  It used to make me wonder, on what one can be without engaging them to the real working, career stream. Major part of my life (the little life) after the studying was fueled out into working, and hence the thoughts.

While I flew back to the US after my quickie India vacation, I was trying to put together a plan. A plan to efficiently spend the new phase, staying home. The first few days was spent with the irregular sleeping patterns and random ranting. Once it got cleared up, I could see myself tucked into a pretty interesting schedule.  The cooking, the household, the reading and so is a list.
I remember having no time to spend speaking to folks ever, keeping them sad and whiny. I have that little mom-daughter chat almost daily these days. I am sure she missed it for years, coping up to the stranger me. Same with my father and sister, though not as often as my mom. Spending more time with friends – even over chat and calls, this was much missed. But things got better these days I suppose and I like it.  Especially when is about spending time with the special ones I care about.

The cooking, oh no!.... was always the very special thing I used to wrap up every other week I visit home. Else there had to be the guests or friends who used to keep me busy in kitchen. And I always complained of it being one of the toughest to execute. The schedule is pretty straightened up now. Three meals a day, I should declare myself to be the perfect house wife. My better half should be proud and happy about me (I know I am a good cook).  Moreover my timing with the whole thing is impressive, being a faster one.
The reading – I have enough time to plan and spend on the books I wanted to read all the time. The newbies and the unfinished old ones. The big house keeps me mostly engaged with the décor and its own welfare activities. Catching up on the movies which I missed to watch times back due to some random urgency that showed up at the hour. More of music, my chosen way to the sanity – I am loving it.
The next ones lined up are my schedule with the gym and a peak into learning Spanish. I know the first one is not easy to begin with and tougher to maintain with my kind of laziness. But want to give it my best trying for better results.

I should be back pretty soon with new rolling updates!!!

Friday, May 2, 2014

One Snowy Night

It snows, light and nice when you least expect it to. I see them, thinking– are they falling from the heaven for me. Do they carry a message for me – to slow down, to care, to feel and relish? Do I forget with times, that I have longed for this all my life.

It showers white, making hills of tiny silky snow. So pure and serene, they spread the scent of silk. My eyes run through the windows, gazing the silver flakes that brush all over the skies. Staying from the heights, it pretends to take me far away from the earth. As tall as the skies and as fragile like the feather and I seem floating. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Break Up

It is the rain and always was
That unwinds the long written
The glee and charm you spread
Felt like the perfect dream forever
Sunshine to me you had been
I was your perfect angel
The best of times we shared
Can be weighted to none other
You painted my sky blue and green
Watch me gaze and wonder
How dear were I to you
Life was long lost without the two
Unsolicited threads that went by
My tears still crouch for reasons
Was it me or were you the one
Was the love too much to hold
Hiding far and watch it break
With the heavy heart that whims
Is this what destiny painted into me
Or can it be the rough night dream!!

Friday, January 31, 2014


Most of us are programmed to live and behave the certain way. Speak so much, dress this way, laugh light, and breathe an inch less and what not. It is like the Clarke’s table – the numbers are fixed, and no further math stands chance. That is not how life is supposed to be, break rules and set your spirits free – live the life you deserve, no one can grab that from you.

You have something half done, which demands your heart and attention. You have toiled once for it thinking, it forms a major part of your life. You started with all the passion you could hold on to and left it when something crawled in that shadowed it. You are no quitter, pursue it and make yourself feel proud.

Do you think it is ever late to apologize for the long lost fight? It is not, you still have it hanging on to the corner of heart. Speak or say a sorry, or go a few steps down though it rubs your ego – fix it. It isn't worth to carry the bundle of sorrows around.  The relations that you can mesh back price more important than the arrogance.

You like someone and you fail to express. It may be coz of a numerous reasons – wrong timings, fear of rejection, ego or humiliation. May it be anything, don’t you think it is of any value being locked up within the chambers of your heart. Show it light and life, not guaranteeing a success, but it is far more justice. You may never know what is in store!

Were you hurt, or put to worry – you may want to stay strong and tact. With all the thorns that bruise you bad and hurt the feelings, you are free to let go. Cry loud, till it shed a river of tears, let the pain out of your system till your mind gets clean. It never makes you weak or gullible, you totally have a pass.

Monday, January 27, 2014

It is TIME

See the storm roll on to my side
Silent as it always crouched in
It urges me to receive and revive
And be the one who I am not close to

Giving up the glee and sadness
Taking up da new route here on
Gear up my spirits all my way
Make me feel the breath of freedom

Walking my way, the new way
Crossing the stages and borders
Searching for new sought boundaries
With the welcoming spirits of new life

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wings of Love

It is the third of the kind, spending the quality time off the regular. There is music, food and wine, and the place looked fine and classy. 

There he sits in front of her, and as usual he is no less of stories to share. She got dressed up graceful, a lot sophisticated than the last. She is not at ease, while locking her cold fingers against one another. She finds him talk a lot, where the words fly over and barely enter her system. She nods herself to wave to the discussion and stare at the latest book he has bought for her. The title of the book says - "Beautiful Liar", and all she can think through is him. She could feel is her heart pound fast and loud, that she was scared it would start speaking much before she can. All the courage she picked up start to fail her, as his eyes lock with hers. She tries to run away, but something keeps pulling her back. 

She wished to find some peace, but the lonesome star seems chasing her, poking and forcing her. All she wanted is to grab his hands and say how much he meant to her, and that all she sees is him. She needs that dream to hold on to and get lost in the warmth it can spare. She could not define it, and if you call it love that is what it means!