Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Good-Bye Friend

It was you who found me
And string along me this far
You don’t get to walk away
Without giving me a chance to say
I am trying harder here to
Save the place for my friend
You are my best friend here
I am unsure if you know of that

I know it was vague and distinct
The way things have rolled
I take the lead of this play
Blame me for it all the day
But I don’t give up dear
And miss you for the lifetime
I am the best thing you have
Believe me or be blind

I find the best of words
When it turns blue and dark
Not wanting another prose
Which pulls me to the worse
I have no hope of light and shine
If I have you nowhere near
I need you here with me
To share all I have to sing

May be we are rare and the odd
And never gonna be the right
What we have is more beautiful
Than what world leads you to
I stand here and my armor down
Looking up to you for a sign
Never prove me what we had
Was not more than a little tale

All I want is to kiss you good-bye
And cuddle you with my lady luck
Let us wish each other the best of times
And shower hopes to cross again
Make me feel ready for this
Keeping my best bud so far away
So I know I’ve not lost the name
Of the sweetest one I ever knew

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