Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cooking Expeditions

Ask any girl on what her favorite pass time is, I bet 9 out of 10 are going to stick to “Cooking” – “I like to experiment, new dishes and cuisines”. At least being into the ‘married population’, I believe people anticipate me to declare cooking as my hobby. But it is not true, I have my reasons for saying this. 

My mom is a very good cook, she conducts cookery shows and classes. So supposed to have a pretty decent hand on it. It is not passed to me, but may be my sister. I get to hear that she puts a lot of interest around cooking good food and feeding people. Never remember one such incident unless for utmost urgency spending time in kitchen, as I grew up. I used to love what my mother cooked and never thought that I should compete with her ;-). I have friends who own their cookery blogs, and fill them up regularly. It is my dream to open a contemporary restaurant, not that I will be experimenting my skills. Can always hire a good team to cook.

My cooking venture started as it got close to my marriage. It was a matter of survival and wanted to learn those dishes which my hubby liked. So learned the delicacies from the most authentic sources. I had minimal requisites that whatever I cook should turn out tasty, and he should feel at least close to what he would have relished once upon a time. I follow my own formula and measurements for what I make. Never the slave of those cookery books and journals. Even when I have to cook something authentic and special, I pay little attention to my mother’s advice.  The ingredients are picked and mixed at my ease and convenience. 

Apart from the facts, I am an awesome cook J, this is a comment out of public opinion. Have heard my husband say this many a time – “She cooks great, provided she does”. It is basically the laziness and the lack of interest. Enjoy cooking when there is a considerable audience to consume. Looks like I too inherit the talent, but still not ready to accept it. I prefer to stay sober and eat, rather than oil in efforts cooking!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Little Things

A few that can put a smile on me. I am a person of little things!...

 - Get crazy drenched in the rain, dripping wet and probably jumping around like kids. One of the best feelings ever.
- Red Roses, they make me feel special and important. I would say the best gift I value anytime.
- A train voyage though not comforting as flying, excites me a lot. Enjoying the scenic spots, curdling inside the blanket holding a book and a bottle of water. I can sacrifice multiple meals.
- Dairy Milk –The very thought about the chocolate, my eyes sparkle. Sure that I would make a good brand ambassador for the product. Relish every minute I spend eating. 
- A random surprise, I react the best to it!!!
- Tinker Bell, in any form – movie or a goodie with Tinkerbell theme. Love her costumes and wings, wish to fly like her someday.
- Sipping the last drop of wine from my glass. Wine is the magic that brings to light the ‘happy me’.
- Dancing wild with friends, like world ends tomorrow.
- Watching Dirty Dancing movie over and over again.
- A descent color painted well on my nails. I keep checking them out too often for people to doubt I am insane.
- When people praise my eyes being striking with all the d├ęcor I toil in, brings a glee to the inner self feeling proud.
- When a harmless handsome chap, takes a second look at me pass by with a smile – I gift one back too.
- Favorite Kerala foodie, specially some delicacies, smile is just one of the emotions at the hour.
- Blessed be the one, who buys me pop-corn for movies. The ill-fat or content is totally worth every second of the movie.
- Going through the oldie (though embarrassing) childhood pictures. The feeling is very nostalgic.
- Hear my favorite sound track played loud, sets my feet in motion and head to swing!
- A drive myself without scaring people who drive along. My history with driving is strange.
- Popping out though the moon roof of the car, and hailing the wind. Make sure to do it on every road trip we make.
- Nesting close to my better half in the couch lazy, watching old Malayalam comedy movies probably the nth time.
- A good night kiss, I am sure to smile for that even though I am half sleepy.