Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The White Christmas

The season is almost fading away when I am making a genuine effort to scribble. "Winter" - the most handsome season of the year. Love to see the winters. As folks say most unusual for a person like me, raised in a tropical country and one of the most humid states where the word winter is just confined to books. This may be the reason why I have a strong desire for the season.

It snows very less in Charlotte compared to most of the other places in US. The Last Christmas day (2010) was a prime one, as it was welcomed with snow. The city looked awesome covered in white bed. I could map it to the traces of heaven I see in my dreams. The moment it showered, I was at one of the townships near my place with my friend. The place looked awesome with all the Christmas decors. The huge Christmas tree, the Santa with his chariot, the rein deers, it was nothing less than a perfect Christmas town. The folks around were decked up in their best winter attires.

Starbucks seemed to be the most happening eat outs that moment as it can be none other than a coffee which can serve you the best in the cold. Starbucks treated us with classic taste of their brewed coffee. Most of the shops and boutiques in the street were closed as it was a holiday. How I wished they were open and I could grab some of the best outfits that were displayed. Every time I get these temptations - they are tagged by the scenes of the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic". A walk around the street in the cold breeze was refreshing. I wrapped myself two fold inside my coat.

The chillness was not an annoyance when it came to the snow fight. I showed up more to the receiving end irrespective of my sincere efforts to attack my friend. The residents would have been the most pleased to see their car tops being cleaned up. I remember making a small snow man on the table top, which barely looked like one. We drove through the residential area near the place. There were those amazing houses which had lake front. Reminded me those pretty castles in the Disney Movies. We saved some clicks to remember the beautiful Christmas. The day was completed with an awesome Indian dinner, wrapped by with an Italian Tiramisu.

It was definitely one of the memorable days of my life and a million thanks to my friend for making it happen.

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