Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just Me

It is all me in this pretty big apartment, luxurious enough for a single soul. My friend and X-Roommate shifted to her new apartment. Not sure of the exact reason on why I am not frantically looking for a new roommate to share the apartment. Strongest reason being it will take a bunch of quality time for me to get adjusted to the new person and I am in no mood for a brand new start. Also I am hoping to bid BYE to the place soon.

As I have mentioned, it just me in the big den and a few corners of the house I use, the rest remain all dark and un-attacked. With lot of people around always I have never found time to do anything that have been planned. It was a bit odd in the beginning where I started to realize the difference – the biggest agony being that I have no one to speak to. Daily chores have become a time table to me. Have started my cooking efforts religiously as it is the question of existence. Fixing myself in a room and spending hours on the laptop is not very interesting too. A set of new things have crept in now, which keeps me engaged these days. Most of them may sound lunatic but since there is no one to comment or compliment I have no regrets.

A random cleaning drive which is caused by an unexpected sight of the messy room. It is never cleaned completely, but the process goes on till I get distracted by a phone call or a guest.

Count the number of outfits I have. The big count upsets about myself shifting to any place, as the thought of abandoning one of the them is killing. I will keep trying out all those dresses which I have not worn for a while. This makes me feel good about the choices I have made “once up on a time”.

Try out some different cuisine – sometimes it will be a Thai Redd Curry or a Italian delicacy. Browsing through the net for that recipe for which I have all the ingredients is a tedious task. At last I throw off the idea of following the food book. Try to fit the dish with my limited cooking knowledge.

Hunt all over my iPod to find that song, which can set my feet moving. Listening to the same song some X number of times and designing dance moves. I keep reminding myself the different dance forms I want to master given an opportunity.

Play loud music of all those songs which I love to listen to. I know there is no one in the whole house who I can annoy.

Call up all those friends, whose phone numbers I can find– I bet they will be wondering at my unexpected thrive towards regaining old contacts. I swear I miss all my friends and really want to keep in touch. Laziness at its zenith took over me which often make these things difficult.

Do all bits and pieces of the craft arena I have collected over years and never worked on. If it is a woolen muffler to be knitted today, it’s a scrap book tomorrow.

Watching those serials which I have watched long back all over again, which bring me memories of my school and college friends. Also trying to complete all the backlog of movies that I wanted to watch. The star cast and story is never a question – It serves to kill my time.

There are many more of them which gets added on a daily basis to the list. It was strange for me when it started off being all alone. But now I feel good about it as there is more time I invest for myself. Helps me understand how silly I can behave and how serious I can mould back to. Rather than phrasing it All Alone, I love to call it – “Just Me”