Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nature's Bliss

Even though time shows 4:40PM in my laptop clock – I am still living the morning hour. Eyes are closing and opening at the frequency of the butterfly flicker. I have had very less sleeping hours all this week, and my heart calls heavily for the Friday. I know the weekend just passed and it is only Wednesday. Slept around 3 AM the last night, after all shopping mania for my friend's brand new home set up. I swear it takes tons of patience and willingness to get on to this effort. It is like one of the nasty project, which has no requirement documents or pointers. The dead line will be well defined and fast approaching. I remember screaming at him (my friend) every time my head aches or leg pains.

I know I set up the alarm deliberately every night for a wakeup call. I remember it ringing for some 10 times today morning before I could find out the silly piece and switch it off. Checked the time and it way more late than I could imagine. It was around 9:20 AM, and I had just had some 20 mts to get ready. The day @ office was more horrible than any. I could barely keep my eyes open for long. I am stuck in a meeting now – can hardly make out what is getting discussed. I am trying to catch every word that is been spoken. Suddenly experiencing the odd feeling of letters flying all around me. It was just like the “Tare Zameen Par” movie experience. It is raining outside heavily and my crazy imagination rings – what if the buildings have no roof. I am sure everyone is gonna run and hide themselves. But I am not moving away, will stretch my hands to hug the lovely gift of nature.

Something distracted me, and the first thing to check was if I have a wet laptop. Good heavens! – it was not the real rain. And now there is some question raised in the call that is posted to me –“ So Viji is that how the functionality is expected to work??” – One of those embarrassing moments which I face most of the times, still with no signs of shame I asked – “I could not exactly catch your question – can you come again please?”. Typical effects of day dreaming. By the time the call ended, just rushed to the window to check if it is still pouring. The rained has calmed down for a while and people are rushing home. Another check on the time – it is 5:10 PM. The launch down stairs was all wet and the dark sky still gives me hopes of more rain. Wrapping up for the day with a good bye note to the ‘Christmas Santa’ on my desk – “Thy shall see me tomorrow”.

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