Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Da new Mermaid

It was always a dream for me to do quality swimming. I used to feel envious when i see people swim around like fishes. I love to do all the water sports but never get to attempt them, as i knew no swimming. The more affinity and excitement i have for water, balances my fear for water.

This time i some how made up my mind to learn swimming. Joined for the classes with a friend of mine. Spend quality time in gazing shops to get a pretty swim wear. I was successful in finding a cute one which as as good as i wanted.

All set to go for the class. The class started off with a few people who joined us in the group. I could learn from them that its just not their first time in the pool and they have been attempting to learn floating and to get used to the water. The instructor started off with the "Rules and Practices" for basic swimming. There were so many that i could barely concentrate and achieve all of them together. All my high spirits to master the skill went down and down. Might be i hit the class with the mind set that...right after 6 weeks, i can attempt to cross the Atlantic!!! More over the whole attire with the head cap and the water proof glasses, were annoying me. I was finding it hard to float...the fear that i would drown and can never come up..kept on bothering me the whole time. More over seeing other do the same so easily, I was getting angry.

Some how i completed the first class and left the pool with a firm decision that, i am not gonna be there the next time. But it was not that easy to convince myself that i was quitting with such a silly excuse. The whole night i was haunted with the very thought. Then came to my mind the funnier experiences i had learning Turbo Kick and Arabian Dance. Though they started off at a tougher note, was able to do well in them. And i knew how much these keep me happy and more over being proud of learning something new!...

And that was it...the very next day i was all set for my next attempt. Now have started going to the pool whenever i get time to practice and get used to the water. It is just the starting stage and i am able to do the minimal requisites. I am glad to find myself out of the frustration of not getting it through the first time. Hope to possibly learn the art of swimming soon make myself happy to have achieved a long awaited wish!

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