Monday, February 22, 2010

A Rainy Monday!

It is a long time i spend time blogging.....most of the times its just becoz i am too lazy to make an attempt. There were times when i have written in seriously and all of them got washed off due to a stupid system reboot.The weekend went pretty dull for me. I could find time to watch a movie at theatre - "Shutter Island". A good movie, which made me think a lot, infact so much that i couldnt sleep sound the last day. I expected to get scared and yell my throat out in the movie hall, but it turned out to be a different experience.

It was a lot hard for me getting up in the morning. It is not a news as the morning sickness stays with me always, but the impact gets to its peak when the calender marks Monday. My alarm never rang, and my roomie had to wake me up. Running all around the house witha brush in my mouth, managing to iron my clothes, quick bath and my sweet own time in front of the mirror. When pattu came and i rushed out, i saw all roads are wet. It rained, and is raining!.. I remember telling him then, I hate rains, it spoils the charm of the day. The day looks so gloomy and you will feel so lazy to even move around.

On the way to office, gazing the roads and the way i took a minute to think what i thought or rather told. I hate rain? That is not true and was never true. I used to love when it rains. I remember all those now when myself and Rinku (my sis) have rushed out home to play in rain. We used to jump around in the mud water and splash water at each other. Getting wet and dancing like one has gone mad. Julie (our doggie) used to join us. She used to be worse, as out of excitement the flower pots in our garden used to break. I alwzz feel my mom loves them more than us!!!... After all the fun here comes the punishments. Mom used to ground both of us for all the mess, dirty clothes and julie for all the pots she has spoiled. It invites lot of scoldings, but the fun and excitement that it has served well, justifies the rest. I used to hate caps and umbrellas when it rains. When I cross the roads i used to run , just not to miss that slightest chance to get wet. There were neevr complains over a spoiled outfit or a dirty shoe.

I don't claim that i have changed over years. The work n schedule mask my desires may be. Or rather i find it immature to let out such wishes. I know that many of my jestures give the feel to people that i am a kid. Given a chance i would love to get back to that kid who was never worries about what she does. By the time i end writing this the rain is all gone. There is noise. I wish with all my heart again, that it rains more n more.

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