Friday, May 2, 2014

One Snowy Night

It snows, light and nice when you least expect it to. I see them, thinking– are they falling from the heaven for me. Do they carry a message for me – to slow down, to care, to feel and relish? Do I forget with times, that I have longed for this all my life.

It showers white, making hills of tiny silky snow. So pure and serene, they spread the scent of silk. My eyes run through the windows, gazing the silver flakes that brush all over the skies. Staying from the heights, it pretends to take me far away from the earth. As tall as the skies and as fragile like the feather and I seem floating. 


B said...

hmmm .. that is right it does snow when least expected but then it creates chaos if it snows too much :)

sadly here in uk it has not snowed this time , just a couple of days thats it ..


Ammose said...

@B - Hey thanks for dropping by. You should imagine that this was written when I was in MN - Minnesota. Snow can get no worse anywhere else. It was too much to handle, but cozy moments strike once a while !!!