Saturday, November 17, 2012

Forget Me Not!

It is been a while I have pet a dog. It was just “Julie”, and after she died never felt like keeping one. The other minion my parents have at home – “Chakki” – we don’t have a chemistry. It is because of way too less interactions we have had. She was brought home after I moved from home. She sees me once in an year or may be less than that. I can’t expect us to be best of the kind with that!

Julie was a dear one. She was there since the time I was in school. We – my sis, Julie n I grew up together. She was a good dog, not the trouble maker. But actively involved with us in all that crooked stuff which drove my mother crazy. She liked me the best – we used to play her favorite ball game, get wet in the rain , play with the mud and hug each other making us dirty. I used to talk to her all my chores, and even whine when I was all alone. She was a comfort and different from all that people who fill you with a bundle of advises. It was sad to leave her when I moved out from home for work. She died when I was working in Bangalore. The feeling was worse, realizing that there is not that little one to play with when you are back home.

Never wanted to keep a doggie after that since I realized it is going to be an emotional out-break again when I lose one. Also I am not a “dog person”, that I get along with many. Mostly am scared of dogs, and always keep myself away from them. Sometime back had my friend dog sit for his aunt. I barely got into his house after the dog came. It was a British Bull dog – “Sweetie”. She is a big one, unlike Julie hence my reasons for getting hyper scared. My friend forced me to his place followed by my encounter with Sweetie. I tried my best to keep distance from her, but she was behind me every place I move to. It was not sure if  she actually liked me or was uncomfortable with the foreign entity in her locale. My friend was moving to a different place and hence we were busy packing his house hold. I had Sweetie escort me the whole time. After a while, I got over the fear and was casual. We took her out to play and could find her still cling around me. It was surprising to see her like me, and she reminded me so much of Julie.

Sweetie was there for a week and we met daily.  Even though not close, felt bad after learning that she left. I keep remembering her every time I see a dog. Even grow curious at times and tend to ask my friend how she does. But I know there is no point as she lived very far from mine. I guess she refreshed in me my oldie friend who I miss and re-lived some lost and forgotten memories. Wish to have a doggie nowJ!!

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Roshan said...

I remember feeling the same way. I didn't want to get another dog for a long time cause I didn't want any dog to replace my Shawny. Well, she can't be replaced but I miss having a dog in my life. Just the feeling of loving this noble creature and having it love you back. Plenty of dogs need a home and you could provide one. I can't at the moment because I live in a "no cats/no dogs" apartment and it's small anyway. If I do move from here to a house with some space for the dog to play - I'm getting one!