Sunday, July 15, 2012

The First Rule

The famous phrase - "First impression marks the best". Heard people saying," I knew the first time what a sort of person he would be. My instincts are never wrong. I can just judge a person easily". Guess it stays good only for really talented and watchful people. I am certainly not the blessed one. Really bad at accessing people. It is not that I don’t  attempt to -- Oh yeah very much form my own sweet opinions. " That person looks like a jerk, not the normal types", "It is better I stay 10 feet away, not interested in initiating a conversation". And these are just not murmured inside, but brave enough to declare it. Every freaking time, I prove myself poor and gullible when things turn the reverse. Quick recap, points me to what the first impression was formed on the person, and that it was crappy.
If I do not like a person, it is not left that way. I become a heavy critic of all that the person do. Opinions are made really fast not even evaluating facts. The most funny thing is that the heavy comments I have made all through are about the ones who are really close to me today. May be it is a rule, I have to start it the wrong way. When it is to the point, I speak with the person on how it started, it really turns funny for me to explain a big WHY!!!..Many a time I just think back on how stupid I judge people. I am a typical “Leo”, and I exhibit my anger when it turns to hurting my ego. The “special” people who I mention, walk in with that attitude to knock the very thing which really makes me mad. Later I realize, those are the ones to which I whine the most, shout at the moment I go mad, trouble them my best with the very confidence that they will never yell back at me. I don’t talk sweet to them, but I know they are the sweetest to me always. I force them to listen to all my favorite music, suffer all my stupid stories. They comfort me when I panic in trouble, laugh with me on the stupid jokes. Life is beautiful with such wonderful friends around J.

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