Thursday, December 8, 2011

They call it Social Networking!

Guess I would be that one primitive figures who still cling on to texting and emails. The new era of social networking, is way too difficult for me to catch up. Face book being one of the most used ones. I have no complaints against the same and in fact like most of the features offered by the website. It was really amazing that I could catch up with some of my long lost friends, classmates. Being away from home you get to see the glimpses of what your dear ones are up to.

My friends list is too large coz of the big volume of people who I know. The initial irritation were updates from applications like Farmville, CafĂ© world, but they seem silly these days. Folks have started posting all their daily chores in FB. “At starbucks enjoying coffee with Mr B”. I know that boss, I just saw you walk by and get down for a coffee – and why that has to be posted and rejoiced in FB is still a big question. Moreover you see people coming and liking the status. I would suggest FB come up with a “I Hate” status.

Recent incident, the tornado that hit The US, we were anxious about our friends living in bay areas. My friends out there were asked to vacate before the waves hit the shores. I could see most of them update the FB on status between the busy evacuation. I felt myself worrying and sweating about it was useless. And the comments that get posted for every status update is un-imaginable.

People get angry, frustrated due to any random incident. The feelings you go through are very personal which you might refrain from sharing or just speak out to your close ones. Happen to see a lot of such posts these days. I am not sure what is the intent behind sharing it to network space. Either to make the world aware that you are bold enough to express your feelings, or just to make the other person undergo the torture of reading it. There are folks who like the status and even comment on it – “truly said”, “fact of life”. Many a time, it get to tip where I would just go and tell folks. Later thinking over it, I realize that it is better to remain mum than earn their hatred.

I know speaking over the blog is not helping any, but serves to express myself. Happy for the fact that my whole friends list have not turned out to react the same way. Still have that flock of people with whom this random topic of discussion comes up. Technology is a boon, but too much of it is an over head!!

To all my friends, please don’t count this post offensive. I still love you all!

*** FB – Face Book

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