Monday, August 1, 2011

Coffee time!!

Coffee time. Agree to the fact that coffee beans are one of the most tastiest discoveries of mankind. When I was a kid used to wonder why Nescafe adds used to be so expressive and odd, though I loved the theme song. Now I can speak about it. The aroma of coffee enlightens your taste buds and all that annoys you is just blown off your mind.

I never remember one instance during my college days when I had coffee. Most of the so called break-time was spend chatting and roaming around. Since my footsteps found their way to the corporate world, I could realize how important and evident the coffee break was. At Bangalore, it used to be CafĂ© Coffee Day – everyone’s favorite coffee station. I bet coffee costs at least 10 time more than the normal ones you get in the cafeteria or the ones you can just make yourself. Still you find a flock of folks camping around the place waiting for their much awaited cup of relief. Since I am in foreign land – the place is different though the trend is all the same – Starbucks!!

Everyone have their own stories to share for ones love towards coffee. For some it is more than an addiction, where coffee finds its place among the most necessary elements of life. The coffee cup is refilled each time they walk by the shop. I swear there are folks for whom coffee and its taste really doesn’t matter – they should be looking forward for sometime outside work. I don’t blame them as I fit into the same at times. Here goes my justifications for a coffee break. Mostly it is to accompany colleagues and get some room for quality chit-chat. There can be millions of topics to discussed over coffee, which changes with the crowd. Most extensive topics being discussion around work, people and the chores - Nothing worth is being spoken or exchanged, sheer cribbing and complaints which are supposed to ease out the work load. Managers discussing how to make people work more or to snatch more projects from the client side. Some may look serious and hang around with the intention of hitting that complicated design or idea which can make the whole system work. Another important batch discussing all big money and strategies.

You may miss an important meeting or appointment. But when it strikes 4 in the evening, there forms a never ending thread at the coffee place. I have always found this job @ coffee shop very interesting. You get to see and talk to a large crowd daily, who will value you for that cup of coffee you brew for them. A bunch of delight that makes a person’s day!


Ramakant Pradhan said...

Good to see you writing again..

Vineeta Yashswi said...
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Vineeta Yashswi said...

interesting write-up