Wednesday, September 1, 2010


My mother used to find great pleasure in collecting and arranging the whole house with all different showpieces. May it be a flower pot or an antique piece, the efforts spend by her right from buying and maintaining it are exceptional. Others @ home - my father, sister, myself and our doggie these were defined taboo. One touch a look is enough to annoy my mother.

This is something that has happened long back when Rinku (my sister) and I were young. My mom bought a Chandelier and it was stuck at the roof of our living room. With the lighting, the chandelier looked fabulous. It gave the room an elegant look. Every person who stepped into our house took time to talk about it and appreciate Mom for getting it.

It was some time during our Summer vacation. Me and my sister had couple of friends who live near our house. We used to enjoy playing indoor games. This time it was Dumb Charades aka 'Dumc'. In this game, you will be given a movie name and will be asked to enact the same just with actions to your team members and make them recognize the movie name. You will not be allowed to speak while you mock the movie. The span you get for a movie is 1 minute. There was four of us that day @ my house (living room), two in each team. Me and my sister we were in the same team.

Played couple of rounds and the game going very tight on who will win. It was my sister's chance to act the movie to me. She got the movie 'Top Gun'. She was successful in making me say the word "Gun". We were still trying for the word "Top". She made all kind of jestures pointing and raising herself up. I was trying hard, with words - "above", "up", "high", "beyond" and all possible words but for "Top". We were running out of time and my sister got really irritated. She kept on pointing her hand up, but i was not able to guess what she was trying to explain. Annoyed to the core, she shouted "Top Gun" and stretched her hand hard pointing up. All that what we could hear for next few moments was the sound of broken glass pieces. We could see 2 of the leaves from the pretty fitting lie all broken down. Marking it as an end of the game, my friends left for their home. My heart was almost popping outta my mouth. It was similar to crime scene in movies, where the murderer panic with the corpse. Mom was not at home then, and we had to clean the mess by the time she was back. We threw the glass pieces and cleaned the room. The next was to cover up what has happened. The master minds started working on cooking up stories. Looking into the figuring, it was very difficult to find out that it has lost some shape. The chandelier had such a complicated design and you will really not get to know that it is disfigured. We had no choice but to take a chance. Our intuitions helped as no one did notice it anytime.

When ever my sister had something to fight on me, and ever there is a win-lose situation, my wicked mind used to pick up this incident. I used to gawk at the chandelier saying "Top Gun". It used to chill my sister as we knew what would happen any time it is disclosed. I used to blackmail her with the same for a long time and gradually we forgot. This time I get back home, I am sure to check the chandelier how it is :-). Hope my mother not to read this!! It can still ignite an explosion. Shhhhhhh!!!

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